History of Ampara is colorful indeed. From the folklore related to Lord Buddha’s visit 2,500 years ago up to today, the story of Ampara is long, tumultuous at times and breath-taking always. Few volumes of good-sized text books could be written with all the details.

You will find interesting stories about a Rebellion by King of Panama, international business at Port ofSammanthura, the winding path to the Udarata Kingdom and many more. You may also find answer to the ever eluding question on our history: How did our kings build monumental constructions while the evidence does not suggest oppression of ordinary people?

The information presented here is mostly contributed by Mr. Sunil Kannangara, District Secretary (Government Agent/ GA) for Ampara district for the last 4 years. He has widely read sources of history, visited almost all archaeologically significant local places and read most of stone inscriptions in Ampara.

The story is long and exhausting. Therefore it is presented in several stages. With time you will see the full story. Or perhaps the full story cannot ever be written!


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