Ampara is a traveler’s heaven.There are places of international repute: finest beaches and best surfing hotspots like Arugam Bay, spectacular bird sanctuaries like Kumana, pilgrim’s musts like Deegavapi.

There are areas still relatively untouched by human presence : Ancient and mystic hermitages like
Kudumbigala, Isolated hard to reach archeological treasure troves like Rajagala, Breath taking geographies like Makara where the Galoya river meets Senanayaka reservoir in the midst of the jungle, “All yours” wildlife parks like Galoya park.

There are unbelievable hideouts to escape to : trips to uninhabited places like boat safari to hidden islands in the Senanayaka reservoir, secret camping sites in wildlife parks like Nilgala and Kossapola camping sites, excursions similar to time traveling to experience ancient indigenous lifestyles at places like Henanigala.

The more you study Ampara, the more you explore Ampara, the more you realize you have seen only a