Lahugala-Kithulana National Park

Gazetted Year and Date : 2006-07-20 (Initially on 31-10-1980)

Gazette number : 1454/26

Extent : 5131 Ha

Situated within Ampara District of eastern region and covering the jungle corridor bitween Kumana National park and Galoya Natuional park. This forest entity is the water shed aria of the main tanks lahigala, Kithulana, Yalpotha and Sengamuwa. Beru grass which is a favorite food item of wild elephant is present scattering withing 200 Ha in Lahugala Maha Wewa. Thus, elephant can be seen close to maha wewa area. Neelagiri pagoda which is of cultural and religious importance is also situated within the park. The famous and archeologically important Magula maha vihara is situated In the periphery of this park.

This park is having a high biodiversity as well. The water bodies of this park consist of endemic fish species and considerable number of Muggers (Crocodilus palustrus).